Know and Grow Institute

Providing Parenting Knowledge and Skills

   Pamela Stemper, BA

            Owner and Parenting Educator

Pamela has 20+ years experience in public speaking/presenting on parenting and on children’s language acquisition and 25+ years experience in helping children develop spoken language and visual language. Her extensive experience comes from raising her own three children, two of whom are deaf/hard-of-hearing, and from numerous professional and volunteer roles. Pamela’s goal is to assist parents, family members, child-care and service providers, and teachers in cultivating confidence and competence in very young children so they are in the best position to thrive and learn. This ambition is based on Pamela’s conviction that through striving for excellence in parenting and child development, we can expect strong families, where children grow into capable, responsible, and respectful adults - and better adults make for better communities, and ultimately, a better world.